It has a catchy beat, and you can skate to it.

Want to give yourself up to the rhythm of the night, and openly embrace some of the thickest, creamiest cinematic cheese ever captured on celluloid?

We got you.

An extra-dewy Olivia Newton-John, as one of the muses of Olympus, finds eternal love with modern-day artist Michael Beck, far removed from his time as a gang banger in The Warriors.

Meanwhile, ELO provides a chunk of the music, while movie dance god Gene Kelly gets a sweet swan song in his final film.

Seriously, what’s not to like here?



The man can freakin’ dance.

Take all away the movies, all the real-world drama, all the comebacks, the fade-aways, and the re-comebacks, and one thing remains crystal clear.

John Travolta can move his ever-lovin’ feet.

Sure, Saturday Night Fever is probably the perfect showcase for his twinkle-happy toes, and his revival dance with Uma in Pulp Fiction was nirvana.

But there is a moment in Grease, when, clad in the sleekest black-and-pink combo ever rocked on the silver screen, Travolta absolutely tears up the floor.

A lean, mean, dancin’ machine in his absolute blow-the-walls-off-the-gym prime.