Ready for your closeup?

Tracing the rocky creation of Citizen Kane, David Fincher’s superb drama may actually win more Oscars than the legendary film it’s about.

While Gary Oldman is top-drawer as boozy screenwriter Herman Mankiewicz, the best performances can be found out around the edges.

Arliss Howard is a wily weasel as studio boss Louis Mayer, while the very-underrated Amanda Seyfried soars as actress Marion Davies, a box office star whose career was tainted by unfair comparisons to an untalented Kane character.

Ultimately kinder, and smarter, than her companions, she’s the bright, beating heart in an otherwise icy affair.

The Third Man

No happy endings.

Winning a dispute with writer Graham Greene, director Carol Reed opted for a beautiful bummer of a fade-out, rather than an out-of-place romantic win, perfectly capping a great feel-bad film.

This is a movie of smothering shadows, haunting music, dark betrayals and desperate men doing devious deeds — while being perfectly-lit as they skulk through dank sewers.

Orson Welles, the biggest name in the cast, is a black market profiteer, stealing penicillin, then diluting it before resale, resulting in injury and death.

But then again, “The dead are happier dead.”

A perfect sentiment for Film Noir Land.