You know, the one with the naked space vampire.

Largely remembered because Mathilda May plays the lead alien invader without the benefit of clothes, this is more than just a peep show.

It’s pretty trippy all around, thanks to creepy special effects and nice directorial touches from Tobe Hooper.

Investigating something lingering in the shadow of Halley’s Comet, a crew stumbles on a ginormous ship full of bat-like creatures and three humanoids trapped in suspended animation.

Instead of immediately hitting warp-speed, they bring their bounty back home, setting off an apocalyptic showdown which remains a treat for all the senses.

Green Room

Fight for your right to party.

It’s punk rockers vs. Neo-Nazi’s in an unexpected death match, after a road-weary band accidentally witnesses a murder while playing at a very-questionable club in the middle of nowhere.

Our sainted Captain Picard himself, Sir Patrick Stewart, is the leader of the bad guys, while the late Anton Yelchin, also a Star Trek veteran, is the band’s bassist.

With a lot of the action confined to cramped spaces — primarily the room where band members barricade themselves — director Jeremy Saulnier does a great job of ramping up suspense (and the body count).

No encores tonight.