Point Blank (2010)

He’s no superhero.

The male nurse at the center of this crackling French thriller is an ordinary dude stretched almost past his limits, but he keeps on running.

The life of his pregnant wife, and unborn child, are at stake, so he commits crimes, gets down ‘n dirty, and keeps on plugging away, doing his best to spring a ruthless killer from the hospital where he’s shackled to a bed.

Full of twists and turns, this Gallic adrenaline rush inspired several remakes, including a fairly-decent American one in 2018, but none top the original.

Buy the ticket, take the ride.

Source Code

Save the train, save the world.

Jake Gyllenhall is a man stuck outside time, trapped in a repeating loop as he chases a mad bomber, while shadowy government forces monitor his every movement.

Dropped into a world he half-recognizes, but also one in which everyone else sees him as a completely different person, our stalwart hero always seems to be one step behind.

But he’s also razor-sharp and starts putting the puzzle pieces back together – though he may not like where the answers lead.

A turbo-charged spin on Groundhog Day, with much more mayhem, this one is the … bomb.