Metropolis (2001)

She goes out with a bang.

Few films end with such a beautiful view of the apocalypse as this one, which allows its main robot to detonate a spectacular explosion scored to Ray Charles singing I Can’t Stop Loving You.

It’s horrifying, yet sublime, and the perfect cap to a film which always made them stop and gape when it played on Videoville’s in-store TV’s.

Based on a 1949 manga by Osamu Tezuka, the film version depicts a futuristic world where robots and humans coexist, but uneasily.

Total destruction is just a heartbeat away, and the match has been struck.


Model Citizen

Perfectly horrifying.

A beautifully-rendered look at a dystopian animated world where robots make the rules, and the humans go along to get along.

You do what you can to be a model citizen, to fulfill your role in life, no matter what dark fate may be coming around the bend.

Give director David James Armsby five minutes, and he’ll deliver a a creepy lil’ sci fi gem.