Mute Witness

Don’t say a word.

A mute makeup artist stumbles across a murder late one night on a Russian movie set, then scrambles to stay one step ahead of the killers.

The original Obi-Wan himself, Alec Guinness, appears as the man behind a conspiracy more vast than it first appears, though he shot his scenes in an entirely different country(!) than most of the other actors.

Somehow it works, stitched together like actress Marina Zudina’s lips are on the film’s infamous VHS box cover.

That artwork implied more of a horror film, while the real thing is closer to Hitchcockian suspense.


I just eat it up.

The Russian rave band Little Big is the undisputed master of surreal music videos, and the one below is no different.

Our protagonist, having changed into his comfiest robe, just wants to melt some cheese on a piece of bread and enjoy a low-rent snack.

Too bad all the condiment bottles are throwin’ down a concert on his kitchen table, while various fruits get cut in half, exiting with a guttural scream.

Which makes me laugh every single time.

Cause I’m simple like that, I guess.



He’s a smooth criminal.

Using his magic hips to mesmerize the marks, Ilya Prusikin sets the stage for a series of casino robberies in this inventive music video from Little Big, the best in the biz.

The Russian rave band is doing everything humanly possible to keep the genre alive, mixing sight gags galore with a taste for the absurd.

MTV is dead these days, just a rotting carcass covered in lethargic reality-show flies, which is too bad.

Cause it would be awesome to see a prime-time Martha Quinn pressing play on the latest works by these Russian renegades.



He’s too sexy for his shirt.

The most visually-inventive musical group out there, Russian rave band Little Big, hits the sandy beaches and the steamy saunas, crafting another bizarro winner.

Do the lyrics make any sense to someone not versed in the languages of the Baltic states? Well, probably not.

Which doesn’t stop me from marinating my eyeballs in the shimmering colors and daffy images as Ilya Prusikin wows one hot ‘n heavy woman of a certain age after another.

Spritz on some fragrant man-spray and let the thumping techno beat sweep you away to a whole different world.



I want my MTV back.

Not the insipid reality TV version which has been their brand for years, but the long-dead dream of a place which played music videos 24-7-365.

Call me an old fuddy-fuddy, but the days when Duran Duran and Peter Gabriel turned music videos into an art form designed to entertain latchkey kids is still the ideal.

Poke around, and you can still find music videos of course, with Russian rave band Little Big at the forefront of the movement.

Each of their daffy, pulsing videos hits with a vengeance, but none more so than this one.