Smokin’ Aces

No brains, but tons of bullets.

Director Joe Carnahan, a noted master of disaster, lets his cast unload all their holsters, and then some, in this wild ‘n woolly Vegas-set shoot-em-up.

The big names are aplenty, but there’s no guarantee of making it out alive, even if you sit atop the marquee.

The plot, or what there is of one, centers on a mad scramble to either kill, or protect a magician who’s about to go stool pigeon on the Mafia.

The coocoo bird has plenty of tales to tell once he starts singing, unless he gets plugged first.


The Voices

Are you a dog person or a cat person?

Your choice of pets probably says a lot about your inner psyche, at least if we believe this blood-spattered, pitch-black comedy.

On the surface, the bathtub factory employee played by Ryan Reynolds appears to be a pretty decent guy.

But he’s straight-up batshit crazy, believing his animals talk, and letting them heavily influence his questionable life choices.

His dog is the steady voice of reason, but his cat implores him to gut everyone in sight, as cats are prone to do.

Cause they’re basically tuna-eating serial killers, one and all.