He owns the night.

Savagely attacked by mobsters, scientist Liam Neeson somehow survives, but with a seriously-scarred face and soul.

Driven by a need for vengeance, he plunges into the seedy underbelly of the city, a cross between Batman and the Phantom of the Opera, running from true love (Frances McDormand) while putting a shiv into crime.

This was director Sam Raimi’s first studio film, and the madcap genius behind the Evil Dead movies shows what he’s capable of, crafting one of the best “superhero” films we’ve seen.

The straight-to-video sequels were largely forgettable, but the original film still rocks.



“Show yourself, you little peckerwood! You took my finger and I can’t abide by that!!”

This fast ‘n frantic horror short, directed by Robert Boocheck, is six-plus minutes of sheer comedy horror bliss, sort of Looney Tunes meets Sam Raimi, if you will.

You got yourself a crusty, sledgehammer-wielding farmer, and a sneaky, goat-eatin’, finger-stealin’ critter (or two), and a showdown is a’comin’ round the bend, lickity split.

It all makes for a gruesome good time.

But don’t take my word for it.

Move your eyeballs down below and let them marinate in the blood-spattered hijinks.