Pee Wee Park

The best mashup since peanut butter met chocolate.

Pee-Wee Herman, insanity unleashed, lands smack-dab in the middle of Steven Spielberg’s dinosaur epic, replacing all the T-Rex’s and triceratops’.

Let me offer one very large chef’s kiss.


White Sands

Danger lurks in the desert.

Willem Dafoe, doin’ time as a sheriff in a small Southwestern town where nothing much happens, stumbles on his big break, or so he naively thinks.

There’s a dead body and a cool half million just sitting in the dunes, waiting to be claimed.

And nothing bad has ever happened in the movies with that kind of set-up…

A sinister slice of neo-noir, with a cast deep in character actors built for sleazy dealings, like M. Emmet Walsh, this early ’90s thriller strikes just the right tone.

Trust no one, and double-lock all the doors.

The Hateful Eight

Not the friendliest bunch.

Just about everyone gets shot, slapped, hit in the face with a gun butt, or otherwise roughed up in a slow-burn mystery set in the snowy backcountry.

Identities change, often in a flash, and allegiances are fluid, as a group of vicious back-stabbers (and front-shooters) warily circle one another.

It’s a gorgeous-looking film with a haunting Ennio Morricone musical score, and almost cries out to be viewed multiple times.

First time, you’re caught by surprise each time the story flips or a cast member dies horribly, while future viewings allow you to marinate in the moment.

The Spirit

Stylin’, wilin’, livin’ it up in the city.

Will Eisner’s masked vigilante, a man who can take a punch and come back for 10 more, made his debut in 1940.

Jump forward to 2008 and The Spirit, with comic book firebrand Frank Miller calling the shots as writer/director, hit the silver screen with a major SPLAT.

Critics hated it, the box office tanked, and … so freakin what?

Sure, there’s more style than substance here, but man, what style.

Images crackle and pop, the night comes alive with 1,001 dangers, and me, I’m sitting here with a goofy grin on my face, lappin’ it up.


Deep Blue Sea

Come a little closer and let me chomp on you.

Scientists tinker with the brains of some large ‘n toothy sharks, then seem really surprised when the beasts of the deep turn around and start enjoying an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Action maestro Renny Harlin, the man behind Cliffhanger and Cutthroat Island, keeps you guessing as to which hapless humans will take their final swim, and in what order.

That includes the film’s biggest star getting nailed in an ambush which shocked us in the theaters back in ’99.

Might not be the smartest movie in the sea, but a lot of fun.