The Lighthouse

The transformation continues.

Robert Pattinson became a movie star thanks to teenybopper franchises, with a key supporting role in Harry Potter and one of the leads in Twilight.

Since then, however, the lanky one has proven his mettle with a string of fiercely-crafted independent films, and I couldn’t be happier.

This one, which pits him against a gamy Willem Dafoe, plunges into madness and mayhem from the word go and never looks back.

Tracking two lighthouse tenders, left to stew in unhappiness and anger while camped at the end of the world, it’s bizarre, demanding, and uncompromising.

Good job, boys.

The Shallows

You had me at “Blake Lively in a bikini.”

But, while that was probably enough to get the greenlight from a studio, this slick twist on Jaws has a lot more going on, and it starts with its heroine.

Lively, showcasing her grit, action chops, and strong internal acting skills, goes toe-to-toe with a big ‘n nasty sea dweller after the toothy one traps her tantalizingly close to shore.

Her only companion for much of the film a roustabout seagull, our star proves to be surprisingly resilient, and more than capable of defending herself.

She is surfer, hear her roar.