A Trip to the Moon

A film out of time.

Everyone who was alive when this movie arrived in 1902 has died, and yet it endures to inspire new generations.

Based on several works, including a pair of Jules Verne novels, it was the sensation of its day, laying the groundwork for the next 100+ years of science fiction films.

French filmmaker Georges Méliès, who also plays the main character, was one of the first to employ multiple exposures, time-lapse photography, and dissolves, while using storyboards to plot out scenes.

He walked, so that we could run, and remains one of the true titans of cinema.



Hollywood is a fickle mistress.

One moment you’re the scariest skeleton in town, star of monster vs. man epics like 10,000 Sandals!, the next you’re a dusty pile of bones bouncing between failed auditions.

Phil, the melancholy star of this short, is straight out of the Ray Harryhausen universe, but finds himself stuck in neutral in a greenscreen world.

Can he reach down deep where his heart used to be, and find his old mojo again? Or is he doomed to be just a has-been?

Such a fun lil’ slice of Tinseltown delight, crafted with love by director Micheal Shanks.



“I’m feeling fat, and sassy!”

If you’ve seen it, you definitely had a reaction to it.

People with impeccable taste are almost certain to love Don Hertzfeldt’s surreal collection of weird humor and gross-out jokes, which copped an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Short Film back in 2001.

For those who tut-tut and lecture us, “That isn’t funny,” my response is, “Well, at least your face is funny.”

Now, back to big spoons, funny hats, and the immortal last words of an animated legend.



Model Citizen

Perfectly horrifying.

A beautifully-rendered look at a dystopian animated world where robots make the rules, and the humans go along to get along.

You do what you can to be a model citizen, to fulfill your role in life, no matter what dark fate may be coming around the bend.

Give director David James Armsby five minutes, and he’ll deliver a a creepy lil’ sci fi gem.


Lie Detector

“This is the worst interview I’ve ever been a part of!”

Some kind of minor magic.

Director Paul Emerson takes three actors, one small office room, and a persnickety lie detector machine, then produces comedy gold in just three-plus minutes.

Best advice – go in cold, as I did.

No spoilers, no idea of what’s about to go down.