The Final Girls

It slays.

Modern-day teens escape a theatre fire, using a machete to hack through the silver screen, only to end up trapped inside the ’80s movie which was playing.

Providing an emotional arrow to the heart, the main character in the film within a film, Camp Bloodbath, is played by the real-life mother of the #1 modern girl.

Mom died three years prior, forgotten as an actress, but their unexpected reunion gives her daughter a chance to make peace with the past by “saving” her mother from a rampaging killer.

Come for the body count, stay for the surprisingly emotional payoff.

Support Your Local Sheriff!

He’s the fastest finger in the West.

James Garner oozed rumpled cool in all of his roles, never more so than in this laidback comedy romp, where his quick-trigger gunfighter wanders into town and ends up the law almost by accident.

He just wants to get to Australia, but first he has to win the affections of accident-prone Joan Hackett, while staring down dastardly bad guys like Bruce Dern and Walter Brennan.

Toss in drunk-off-his-rocker deputy Jack Elam and gold-hungry mayor Harry Morgan, and this is the kind of cast that makes IMDB blush.

Heavy hitters dispensing frothy fun.

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

I’m thinking the budget was about $1.75.

But, if you’re in the right mood, this tasty comedy delivers a fair amount of bang for your buck.

It’s silly, it doesn’t have the deepest script, but it does have one of my favorite gags.

With the country trembling before an assault by little red buggers, everyone is on edge.

Then we come to a library, where, in the midst of a pack of book lovers, sits one devious hipster.

Eyeballing the crowd, he waits for a moment, then, wiggling his eyebrows, unleashes one word.


Cue the stampede, and unleash my joy.