Darth by Darthwest

You got your Hitchcock in my Star Wars!

No, you got your Star Wars in my Hitchcock!!

Whichever way you look at it, this fun mashup, which plops Cary Grant into the world of Tie-Fighters and protocol droids, is a great way to fritter away six minutes of your life.

It’s not terribly deep, but not everything needs to be freakin’ Shakespeare now, does it?

So, basically, it’s footage from North By Northwest, reimagined and repurposed to imagine what would happen if our most urbane of heroes found himself in a galaxy far, far away.

Good times, good times.


Rogue One

The force is strong with this one.

Jumping back to the days before Luke was saving the universe, then growing out his hermit beard, this prequel surprises in all the right ways.

Grittier than expected, and populated with great characters like Donnie Yen’s blind warrior and a killer Alan Tudyk-voiced droid, it has stellar action scenes and emotional impact.

Not part of the “traditional” run of Star Wars films, it makes them better by filling in pieces of info and proving you don’t have to carry the Skywalker name to have your life and death matter.

What a concept.


Vicious – A Star Wars Film

The force is strong with them.

Back in my Videoville days, Ian Stone (seen above) and Grant Boling were Coupeville students who hung around the store a lot.

These days they’re creating dreams, not just renting them, as evidenced by the splendid Star Wars short film seen below.

Ian is listed as a co-writer and director (along with Chris Julian), while Grant gets credit for the sound design.

Showing an unexplored side to the fight on Endor, as seen through the eyes of Biker Scout TB-712, this all-volunteer fan film is as good as anything J.J. Abrams gave us.