That Thing You Do!

It has a good beat, and you can dance to it.

Tom Hank’s directorial debut is a blast of pure fun, even in its more-serious moments, boppin’ along as small-town teens hit the big time.

The “Oneders” aren’t built for the long run, but they pack a sweet, fizzy high as they ride a brief wave of popularity based around a hit song they’re unlikely to ever duplicate.

Fame is a fickle mistress, and if the lads eventually go their own way, there’s always hope.

This is the 25th anniversary of the film – perfect time to stage a reunion tour.


Safe Men

Welcome to the world of disorganized crime.

A low-key late ’90s comedy which deserved a much-better reception, this tale of lounge singers who fall in with mob types was one of my favorites back in my video store days.

Sam Rockwell and Steve Zahn are our bumbling heroes, mistaken for safe crackers, and pressed into displaying their supposed talents to keep Paul Giamatti from going upside their heads with a slap or two.

He’s a no-brains mobster nicknamed Veal Chop, which tells you a lot about the film’s lowbrow sense of humor.

Me? I thought it was freakin’ hilarious.

A Perfect Getaway

Our Milla who art heavenly onscreen, hallowed be thy name.

Playing one half of a vacationing couple who find trouble in paradise (always-welcome Steve Zahn is her significant other), Miss Jovovich elevates a decent B-movie to a strong B+.

There are significant twists and turns among the flora and fauna, as a string of murders turn a Hawaiian honeymoon into prime fodder for an episode of Dateline.

Three couples warily circle one another, with the supporting cast including a pre-Thor Chris Hemsworth, and writer/director David Twohy spins an intriguing tale of deception.

Of course, you had me at … Milla Jovovich.