The Three Men You Meet At Night

Danger in every shadow.

As a young woman makes the trek back to the (presumed) safety of her home after a night of partying, she is menaced by multiple men along the way.

Some approach like wolves, eagerly showing their teeth, while others present themselves as friendly, helpful, and, ultimately, coming off as maybe even more disturbing.

Many horror films go for quick thrills with blood ‘n guts, or repeated jump scares.

This smartly-crafted short film digs in deeper, using its sub-13-minute running time to leave a chill in the air which doesn’t dissipate as the end credits roll.



Fear the unknown.

A joyride to Florida in a possibly-stolen car takes a few harrowing detours for a young couple in this impressively-creepy short film.

Star Josefine Christoffersen has three shorts to her credit, at least according to IMDB.

Based on her subtle work here, she deserves some feature film opportunities.

I don’t want to spoil any of the surprises which spring up during a tense 11-minute running time, so I’ll tread carefully.

But watch Christoffersen’s eyes during both of her conversations — with her maybe boyfriend and an odd guy she meets later — because they’re telling a complete story.