A Day at the Races

“I’ll get it in a minute, won’t I?”

Shysters and con men have a merry old time in this first-rate Marx brothers film, which centers around hijinks at a sanitarium and the race track.

Groucho, playing Dr. Quackenbush, is a fast-talking, side-eye-giving delight, especially in the scene where he drives a rival bonkers over the phone.

Using an electric fan to simulate a hurricane, he keeps the guy on the other end of the line bouncing back and forth between being frustrated and royally ticked off, and it’s a master class in well-timed comedy.

Just like the entire film.


Duck Soup

Still funny after 88 years.

Time has not faded this Marx Brothers romp, with the zingers still hitting their targets at a fast and furious clip.

Is it a biting political satire which ticked off Mussolini enough he banned it from being shown in Italy?

Or is it just a good-time romp, with Groucho dispensing the best eye-rolls in the biz while verbally assaulting everyone?

Yes, and yes, and the movie critics of the time, many of whom panned it on release, would look pretty stupid today — if they were still alive.

In the end, comedy outlives us all.