Clear and Present Danger

“You are such a boy scout!!”

The words, said by a weasel of the highest order, sting, but are dead-on, with Harrison Ford playing a man whose rigid posture owes to his spine being made of the strongest material.

Ensnared in a murky world, acting CIA Deputy Director Jack Ryan finds himself caught between vicious Colombian drug cartels and a compromised US president.

There are three ways out — sacrifice his morals, take a bullet to the temple, or hitch up his big boy pants and go in guns blazing.

This is Harrison Ford. You know which route he’s taking.


The Hunt for Red October

Damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead.

The only Russian seadog to speak with a Scottish burr (and what of it?), Sean Connery leads his men into a showdown with world-ending consequences in the first adaptation of Tom Clancy’s military thrillers.

Alec Baldwin is CIA analyst Jack Ryan, a part later inherited by Harrison Ford, then a parade of wanna-be’s, while the supporting cast is awash with Hall o’ Famers like Scott Glenn, Sam Neill, and James Earl Jones.

But it’s Connery, beard at full bristle, piloting his nuclear submarine into uncharted waters, who commands every scene.

Captain, my captain.