Best Friends

“Look, it’s a handsome drug addict!”

A special friendship veers wildly off course in one of my favorite Saturday Night Live skits, with a scuzzy Matt Damon and a creepy Val Kilmer coming between Katy Perry and Andy Samberg.

The original duo enjoy eating Cornish game hens and watching The Lion King, as you do.

Meanwhile, their new “pals” are more into huffing gas fumes, playing Russian roulette, and taking you back to the laboratory to show off their botched science experiments.

It’s a match made in musical comedy heaven, is what I’m saying.



“There is a dead man at the end of this line.”

It’s really been 25 years since Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Co. shot up L.A. in Michael Mann’s stone-cold cops vs. robbers classic.

And yet, the passage of time has taken none of the glimmer off this rough-edged ode to machismo.

Whether it’s the two leads verbally slappin’ the crud out of each other without shifting in their diner seats, or Val Kilmer and Wes Studi unleashing a tsunami of bullets while sprinting between cars, Heat is the king.

Here’s your gold standard, boys. Now try and top it.