Give ‘Em Hell, Malone

Like a drifter, he was born to walk alone.

Living the hardscrabble life, Thomas Jane prowls the dirty, dangerous streets, gun in hand, scowl permanently etched on his face.

He used to be a private eye with a family, now he’s something different – a hard man willing to do rough jobs if the pay is right.

But, somewhere deep under the layers of bitterness and hurt still (barely) beats a conscience which won’t be completely silenced.

Directed with customary snap by Highlander main man Russell Mulcahy, this might be mid-level noir.

But mid-level noir is still better than no noir.

The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard

As bad as they wanna be.

An all-star collection of character actors gets down ‘n dirty in a very funny, often very blue comedy about car salesmen (and one firecracker saleswoman played by living legend Kathryn Hahn).

The jokes come fast and furious, and little subject matter is off limits.

Easily offended? Maybe find a different film.

But ready to wallow in bad taste? Step right up.

Whether it’s Charles Napier as a racist old-school salesman with no filter, or Hahn as a ruthless, extremely horny wrecking ball, these salty pros are working at the top of their games.