The Old-Fashioned Way

Two giants slugging it out.

The fat man and the tiny tyke square off in one of the great comedy scenes of all time, the highlight of an otherwise mostly-forgotten film.

W.C. Fields, doing double-takes and exasperated reactions like no one else could, stares down Baby LeRoy, a two-year-old titan of terror capable of stealing most scenes out from under his co-stars.

Locked in battle at the dinner table, they one-up each other until Fields delivers the coup de grâce with arguably the best kick ever captured on the silver screen.

A chef’s kiss to everyone involved.


The Bank Dick

The master of double-takes.

W.C. Fields built a successful career by blending verbal and physical comedy — a pompous blowhard who would then get his comeuppance to the audience’s delight.

Here, he’s hard-drinking family man Egbert Sousé, fond of stealing money from his young daughter’s piggy bank, replacing the cash with IOUs.

Stumbling into two separate jobs, one as a movie director and another as a bank detective, he still spends much of his time drinking down at the Black Pussy Cat Café, which gives him plenty of time to get up to shenanigans.

Would we have it any other way?