Bigger, Stronger, Faster

Fake muscles, real rage.

Director Chris Bell traces the rise of steroids in athletics, with a personal twist.

A weightlifter who grew up in the ’80s world of comically-inflated supermen like Arnold, Sly, and the Hulkster, he chose purity in training. His brothers did not.

Injecting the ol’ Jose Canseco Sauce, they tangle with a world of roid rage, shrunken testicles, and talking about yourself in the third person.

Mixing humor with harsh reality, this doc dispels some horrifying myths about steroid abuse, while also never shying away from the dark side of wanting to get big and bad, super-quick.

The Strongest Man in the World

It’s nephew-approved.

Having viewed this loopy ’70s comedy on Disney+, the eight and 10-year-old came away pleased.

And why not, as it was squarely aimed at that market back when young Kurt Russell was getting his start making a series of fun, not-too-deep films for the House of Mouse.

This time, he’s a college kid who mixes up his lab formula and his breakfast cereal, and, presto, he’s got enough strength to bend light poles with his fist.

Especially if said pole is quite obviously, in the close-ups, a mushy prop.

That there is comedy gold for the giggle twins.