Mystery Men

They’re the other guys.

Possessing a certain set of slightly-impressive skills, the sort-of superheroes assembled by Ben Stiller are called upon to save the day after their universe’s top dog (Greg Kinnear’s Captain Amazing) gets fried during a botched rescue.

That sets up a battle royal where the bad guys are disco fiends and the heroes feature at least one guy whose power consists of “Hey, pull my finger.”

A bomb at the box office, this has endured and still delights.

In a world where most comic book movies look the same, this is a refreshing change of pace.



“And I guess that was your accomplice … in the wood chipper.”

There are so many brilliant scenes in this Oscar winner, but the final drive, as pregnant police chief Marge Gunderson brings in the second hitman, crystalizes everything which is perfect about this film.

Marge, as played by Frances McDormand, is pure goodness — one of the very few people in this rogue’s gallery who is not comprised, devious, or downright evil.

As she grapples with the death and destruction which has upended her patch of paradise, and all over “a little bit of money,” it’s pretty near heartbreaking.