Time to hit pause

This movie blog was many things.

A writing exercise in which I was limited by my own self-imposed 100-word limit.

A throwback to my decade-and-half of video store life.

A way to fill up some time as the pandemic put my main writing gig — covering prep sports in a small town on a rock in the middle of the water in the Pacific Northwest — on hold.

But now, with athletics steadily ramping back up, I’m back to pumping out 3-5 stories a day over at Coupeville Sports | First on the story! Last to know when to shut up!! , and don’t have as much time to fritter.

So, after 6.5 months and 989 articles, I’m hitting pause on this venture.

Will it kick back into gear at some point?

As we all know by now in the Age of Coronavirus, no one knows anything. So, maybe.

And yes, I know this is more than 100 words. Whatcha gonna do?